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AVRSB PowerSchool Support


Welcome to AVRSB's support portal for PowerSchool and PowerTeacher. We hope this site can be an important tool for supporting your school's effort to implement the new student information system. The site's resources will continue to grow and develop in the coming months. It will include documentation, links to online resources, and forums for questions and feedback.


Doug Jackson, SIS Teacher Trainer



Mark Richards, LMR/SIS Consultant, 542-6922

 Support Documents and Handouts

Folder: PowerTeacher Support Documents and HandoutsPowerTeacher Support Documents and HandoutsSHAREPOINT\rhainstock
Folder: PowerSchool Support Documents and HandoutsPowerSchool Support Documents and HandoutsSHAREPOINT\rhainstock


Learn more about inSchool, the provincial initiative to impliment a student information system. PowerSchool is the first step in the process.

Login to PowerSource for indepth documentation, interactive lessons and videos in support of PowerSchool and PowerTeacher.

  PowerSource - PowerSchool Technical Support Site
  Pearson's PowerSchool Site